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Apps that delight and reward your customers.

Build meaningful customer relationships
with our custom branded loyalty apps.


Our Unique Approach
Beyond Apps, It's a Partnership

We believe in face-to-face interactions, working closely with you to understand your vision. Our premium level service ensures that your customized loyalty app aligns seamlessly with your brand identity, providing you with a ready-made first draft. Join the Make It Apps experience where excellence and innovation meet functionality.

Custom Loyalty App for Your Unique Business Needs

Our Focus

Our focus spans across fitness trainers, coffee shops, restaurants, co-working spaces, and expanding to e-commerce and more. Discover how Make It Apps adapts to the unique needs of each industry, providing cost-effective solutions that ensure a long-term success.

Coffee Shops

Enhance customer loyalty with personalized loyalty programs.

Co-Working Spaces

Showcase innovative workspace features and reward frequent collaborators.

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Fitness Trainers

Engage clients with fitness challenges and exclusive rewards.


Boost customer retention with tailored loyalty programs.

Ignite Loyalty, Ignite Success

Get Started Today

Ready to embark on a journey of elevated customer engagement and lasting success? Schedule your free 30-minutecall now. Let’s discuss your vision, customize your app, and unveil the transformative power of loyalty with Make It Apps.

Strategy Session
& Vision Sharing:

Initiate a 30-minute free strategy session to discuss your vision.


& Drafting:

Customize the app based on your specifications and receive a draft.


& Finalization:

Share your feedback to refine the app, paving the way for its finalization and delivery as a polished, high-quality product ready for launch.

Real Impact, Real Businesses

Success Stories

Dive into our case studies and get inspired of the great stories, learn how businesses grow by adding a loyalty app powered by Make It Apps. From luxury wool stores to vibrant restaurants, discover how adding a loyalty app solutions have elevated their customer engagement, driven growth, and left a lasting impact on the success of these businesses.

Badolina, a renowned brand known for its commitment to providing the finest wool products, sought a solution to amplify customer engagement and create a sense of exclusivity.


Fragaria, known for its unique dining experience, aimed to revolutionize customer engagement and enhance their restaurant’s ambiance through a loyalty app.